We Love
Giving Back

It’s What We Do.

Most businesses exist to make money – but we think there’s more to business than just making money. We think a business model should also make a positive effect in the community, both locally and globally. That is why we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a Vermont based 501c3 charity that helps reforestation efforts around the world.

We donate 5% of every single sale to One Tree Planted to plant trees!

Why We Partnered With
One Tree Planted

Restoring damaged ecosystems, stabilizing soil, and support the water cycle by growing trees. One Tree Planted is an environmental charity that plant trees all around the world.

Clean Air. Healthy Watersheds. Carbon Sequestration.

Our 2023 Tree
Donations At Work

We believe in giving back to our community and working to make a difference in the life of another and that is why we partnered with One Tree Planted. Trees play an important part of our environment, something that often gets overlooked. We all share the same planet – so lets take care of it. Together!